Genesis Hardwood Lumber, LLC

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South Carolina has beautiful wood for you!

Our portion of South Carolina is blessed with well over 100 species of native trees. Each species has its own unique beauty in the wild-- and its own unique beauty when made into lumber. These different species also have their own special strengths and uses.

In addition to our native trees, many trees from outside our area are also planted as ornamental landscape features. Genesis Hardwood Lumber often has the opportunity to mill these special trees into lumber as well.

Where do we get the logs to mill our lumber from? We obtain them from many different sources, but the primary source is from arborists and tree workers who regularly find they have to remove trees from people's yards. Rather than throw these logs in the landfill, they bring them to us. We actually pay for some of them.

February 11 marks the launching of GHL's new website! Come back and see us often!

Our Sawmill

We use a 1990 Woodmizer LT40HD portable bandsaw mill. The old champ keeps on producing after many years of service. The 26-foot-long sawmill was towed to South Carolina from Louisiana by a road-weary Toyota Tacoma! The LT-40 is one of Woodmizer's most popular models, and has been in production for nearly as long as the company has been in existence. Ours features hydraulic power for the log clamp, side supports, log turner, log lifter/loader, and toe boards for leveling the log on the bed. It also features electric powerhead feed, powerhead hoist, and blade guide adjustment. The sawmill is capable of milling logs up to 20 feet long, and the maximum diameter log is 36". The maximum width of cut is approximately 26".

Three months old!

I just completed an alignment of the sawmill's band blade, and it is now cutting better than ever!

If this rain will stop long enough, I'll have some more work to do. 

We recently have  milled some walnut and ash logs, as well as a lot of oak and white pine.

We look forward to milling our black locust logs soon!